Core Early Access.

Core Core Early Access

Core Early Access


Play the game and watch it grow! Core is in Early Access which means it's still a work in progress. You can help shape the final outcome of the game by providing valuable feedback and ideas directly to the developers. Read the for more info.s Core Core Early Access

  • Developer; Manticore Games
  • Publisher: Manticore Games
  • Action, Shooter, RPG

This is an Early Access Game/b>

Early Access games are still under development and may change significantly over time. As a result, you may experience unforeseen issues or completely new gameplay elements while playing this game.
You can play now to experience the game while it's being built or wait until it offers a more complete experience.

Core is a multiverse of free games to play and worlds to explore designed by a global community of developers. Play thousands of Unreal-powered games in every genre imaginable, or create, share, and earn from your own! New Games, New Worlds, Every Day
From shooters, survival, and action-adventure to MMORPGs, platformers, and party games, Core has something new for every gamer, every day. Stake Your Claim in the Multiverse
Hang out in a massive social space of connected worlds. Feast at a castle banquet, swim in zero-G at an orbiting space station, or visit a virtual theme park. Stake your claim, build your own homeworld, and connect to others.

Create, Publish, and Earn

Want to make your own game? Core makes it possible by giving beginners and pros alike the power of Unreal in an accessible interface. You have access to hundreds of free, high quality music, sound, and art assets, and built in 3D modeling and terrain sculpting tools. One-button publishing makes it easy to share your game, find players, and potentially earn money.

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