Graphic Software

Graphic Software

Free and Useful Graphics Software 

This free and useful Graphics Software is what we need to make our thumbnails for our YouTube and Twitch. We can also use this for creating a logo for our website or other Social Media.

We sometimes also find a product with a limited offer or a great deal, so check it out!



    GIMP is the alternative for the well-known Photoshop Software.
    This program is packed with a lot of tools that you can find in Photoshop, but it's free.

    With GIMP you can use layers, masks, and levels. So you can let your creativity go wild.
    There is a big community that can provide a lot of information, and you can find tutorials on YouTube to help you look for a specific tool or action.

    GIMP is open source and can be tweaked with community build plugins.



    CANVA is a great and free online solution for your graphic needs.
    With a lot of different Templates for your needs on websites and Social Media, you will find one suitable for you. And if you want more you can try a 30 day trial period for the premium features.

    A lot of people have tried and used this before you and from many that just start out and do not want to invest heavily in training and spending it is a great option.

    You can bring your own material when you sign in so you can use it multiplatform, so if you are on a tablet, desktop, or phone you can always get to your own CANVA.

    So make your own CANVA here


    Blender is a high-quality open-source software for 3D and graphics.
    If you want to create computer graphics or 3D animations then blender is the program to go to.

    Although blender is not for the faint-hearted because it has a steep learning curve.
    But when you get the hang of it you will love this program and be amazed that it is still free to use.

    You do need some graphic power for your desktop to use this program. But since you have saved a buck or two by using this free software, that you have found here, you can spend it on an good graphics cards and CPU.

    You Can use blender on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

    Start creating with your free  BLENDER here

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