World of Warships

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World of Warships

World of Warships is a game from Wargaming and is played all over the world.
On this page, you can find information, tips, tricks, and bonus-codes.

    world of warships action game

    .World of Warships server[s]

    There are 4 server[s] where you can play World of Warships
    The 4 servers are
    The Inventory Server list:
    Since 2020 it is possible to play on these servers through
    one client, you can log in to the server on the Game Center

    You need to download and install the WGC before you can do so!

    .The Inventory

    The inventory in World of Warships can be accessed outside the game in your web browser.
    The inventory let you see what goods you possess and surplus you can sell

    So you can sell modules or signals for extra credits.

    If you want to go to the inventory in-game you need to be level 12,
    then click on your name in the top left corner and select inventory.

    With the links below you can access it on the web, but you need to be at least level 12,
    and to be logged in to the server-client for access.

    The Inventory Server list:

    world of warships action game

    .The Armory

    The Armory can be accessed in-game by clicking the 'Armory' button in Port, upper left.
    It can also be accessed directly from a web browser via these links

    The Armory Server list

    .The Clanbase

    UPDATE 0.9.7 changes

    Added improvements for the Treasury that will allow Clan leaders to regularly exchange Oil for Clan rewards. The Research Center, which provides a bonus to the amount of received XP, has been renamed "War College."

    A new building named "Research Institute" has been added. It increases the amount of Research Points Research Points a Clan receives.

    To show the result of the Clan's activity, the water area of the base will fill up with warships and auxiliary vessels, with their number depending on the number of battles played.

    The more Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles that have been fought by Clan members over the last month, the more vessels that will appear in the waters of their Naval Base.

    The number of warships depends on the number of Clan Battles played over the last 3 months.

    The Naval base server list

    world of warships gameninja

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